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CID GREEN Ltd. is an international company formed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the metallurgical sector, being the result of the sum of Spanish knowledge and Bulgarian ability in the production of all types of stainless, martensitic, duplex and heat resistant steels castings. The company is Certified acc ISO 9001:2015,  PED&AD 2000 and BV Marine division. The company is an innovator in the field of high technology manufacture of stainless, duplex and martensitic steels casting. The covered manufacturing area is spread over 5 acres in East Industrial Zone in Rousse. We have foundry, cleaning workshop and pattern workshop

CID GREEN Ltd. is foundry specializing in manufacture of details for valves with max DN 1600, bodies for different pumps and parts for hydraulic machines. Except from stainless steels/martensitic/duplex steels we make also carbon steels castings as spare parts for fittings DN 100 – DN 600, parts for wagons, ships, port complexes, bridges, airports, port knechts, etc.

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Years of Experience


Two different methods are used for the manufacturing of castings:



We are working for success

Our production is spread for all over the world – Spain, France, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Romania, Switzerland, Poland, Türkiye, Netherland, Serbia etc. It is used for branches as chemical and hydro industry; food, beverages and tobacco industries; cement industry; energetics; gas industries; shipbuilding and heavy machine building. We offer heat treatment of the castings and for the mechanical one we cooperate with other companies.

Why Choose Us

Policies and processes to meet customer satisfaction

Applying the occupational health and safety management system

Applying an environmental management system in all our manufacturing processes..

To get a good management. We apply our commitment to continuous improvement through the training of our staff

We have a productive process welldefined for which we have the ISO 9001: 2015 certification as well as another series of certification that guarantee our commitment to quality.

We also have a technical office and a laboratory equipped with software and simulation processes and our own simulation and model maintenance manufacturing workshop.

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